Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My personal theology of preaching is a remembrance on my part, that I am a servant of God called to minister. With that understanding I would say that my personal theology of preaching stems out of stewardship. I believe that as a preacher I am someone that God has entrusted to minister and respond responsibly to those people that belong to Him. He has entrusted them to my care. When I think of a steward in the context of my church, it is a person who is entrusted with the care of the church property. As a preacher I am to be careful with God's property with the Word, always aware of the need to build up with the Word and not injure or tear down with it. Through this I am called to be faithful in every aspect of my life as well as my walk with God. I am called to be faithful in the church, faithful in my time, faithful to my wife, faithful to my family. It is then, that the message that God puts in me can be faithfully received when people can witness a life that is not in contradiction with the message.

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