Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prosperity Gospelpreneurs

It's approximately 4:26am, that's right AM. I am up and cannot sleep. I just got through surfing the channels on my cable television. I landed on a very well-known televangelist and purveyor of the gospel of prosperity. I am not a novice by any means to what this teaching is all about, but I continue to remain in awe at the new and creative ideas they contrive to get people's money. It is a gospel that it significantly flawed. On a base level it promises something for something. You pay the price and based on the level of this persons annointing and divine hook up with God, you're blessing is a sure thing. It treats God as if He is a mere mortal who is impressed by your ability to fascinate and inspire Him with your money. Well the God I serve is not short on cash. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can be preached anywhere in the world, it is relevant to everyone. You try preaching this prosperity gospel in the Sudan, Bangladesh, or any third world barrio, it does not work. The broadcast I just watched did not even mention the salvation offered by our Savior Jesus; instead it was more bent on selling me a miracle for hire as well as some tapes/CD's so that the annointing can be brought into my very home. This teaching is so dangerous to the body of Christ, especially to those who are new in the faith. We need to pray for souls of this individuals who are marketing Jesus just to get paid. Period!

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